History and Background

One day thirteen years ago, after being a Sushi Chef in Tokyo for 10 years, I wonder, how and in what style the traditional Japanese Sushi culture can be presented to multi-cultured Americans? With this thought and curiosity, I came to New York in the year of 1999 and I worked as a Sushi Chef in New York for 11 more years.

In 2010, I came to Denver visiting friends, and fell in love with this city immediately. I started to think of relocating to Denver. I also visited the Sushi bars in Denver to experiences the life of a Sushi Chef in Denver. Surprisingly, I found that people here love sushi very much, and this finding made me very happy. My best friend, Chef Masa (Masatoshi Nakanishi) and I gathered our professional team to start Aoba Sushi, a unique and stylish sushi restaurant. Our restaurant is based on the traditional spirit of cleaving the original taste (mo chi a ji), and the originality of multicultural tastes (a sobi goko ro).

Denver, here we came! We will bring you the unique sushi experiences from Tokyo, New York and Denver. We will see you at Aoba Sushi Bar.

(720) 242-7002 | 1520 Blake St. Denver, CO 80202